Renato Tagliabue -
Renato Tagliabue
I am a self-taught, after studying the most simple rules of harmony (not all, of course), I started to compose and harmonize sacred music.

As a boy I was attracted by the elegance and composure of the music of Palestrina, the perfect architecture of Bach's music and the wealth of feelings and passions than that of Beethoven.

I studied in depth, especially these three great musicians and I have practiced in the manuals of harmony of Farina, Bubois and Schömberg.

I specialized in composition and in imitative canon at different intervals, some 'for fun, a bit' because I believe that music, like any art, should rest his mission to communicate the beauty, starting from solid technical foundations.

I did all this simply because I liked it,
as a painter captures an image, relies to her a message and places it on a canvas,
as a sculptor reveals a life trapped in a stone,
as well as a poet crystallizes and solidifies the most subtle feelings of the soul,
so, finally, as a musician carries, on the endless stairs of his melodies,
the brightest joys and darkest pains to the feet of the Most High.

Best wishes to all.